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Inbound Marketing 

Inbound Marketing starts with the buyer, and so do we. We start by understanding who your buyers are, what their problems are, and how they are likely to go about solving them. Then we develop an inbound and content marketing programme to connect with them, so they contact you. 


Website Design to Support Inbound Marketing

Website design to support inbound marketing is key. We work with you to  deliver a website that will help you increase traffic, convert your website visitors to leads, and best support your sales process.


Sales Enablement

It is imperative that your inbound marketing delivers leads that become sales. Harris TPS focusses on inbound and content marketing that enables sales to make sure your leads turn into sales 


Inbound and content marketing in a nutshell

The essence of inbound and content marketing is simple.

Content marketing is creating great content for the people whose problems your product or services solve. Great content means valuable content, useful content, straightforward content, trustworthy content, human content - content without jargon or hype. 

Inbound marketing comes in, as the people whose problems your company solves, read, watch or listen to your content and get to know about you and your product or service. This is when you show them that you really know your stuff, that you understand their problems and that you can deliver their solution. They then start to trust your company and understand what a great job you could do for them, so that - when they are ready - they contact your company.

So, simple indeed. But actually quite hard to do right.

What Our Customers Say...


"Emma’s achievements in marketing at Triaster have been utterly exceptional. From a standing start of around 10 incoming leads per quarter we are now seeing a truly remarkable 10 a day."

Michael Cousins, Managing Director, Triaster Ltd


“Working with Harris TPS has been an absolute joy and has bought a lot to the business. In particular their redesigned of our website has resulted in it now being a great tool; helping our business to grow through lead generation and sales of our training courses. Emma and Elena are both very knowledgeable in their field and have really focused our sales and marketing strategies. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and I would happily recommend them to other businesses”

Kate Norton, Business Manager, Oxford Creativity


Michael Cousins, Managing Director, Triaster Ltd



A snapshot of what we've achieved at Triaster:




Emma Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, Oxford Creativity

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Harris TPS and HubSpot

Harris TPS will ensure that your company does inbound and content marketing right, so that you get inbound leads and increased sales. In order to do this, Harris TPS have partnered with HubSpot so that we can offer you a seamless service, backed up with the right software system.