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Marketing and sales in the age of Google

How people buy has changed dramatically in recent years. Now the first port of call for almost all of us is our PC or mobile, so that we can search the internet. And we do this before we even know what we want to buy. We do this as soon as we have a problem.  We research the problem and we research how we can solve it; if this involves buying a product or service, we research potential suppliers... all on the internet.
Buyers now get about 70 percent of the way through their decision making process, without ever contacting the company whose product or services they ultimately buy from - and this is why content and inbound marketing can be so successful, even for the little guys.



Inbound Marketing

We start with a deep dive into your buyers. Once we know absolutely who they are, what their problems are and how they are likely to go about solving them, we develop an inbound and content marketing programme to connect with them, so that they contact you.


Website Design to Support Inbound Marketing

Website design to support inbound marketing is key. We deliver a website that will best convert your website visitors to leads and best support your sales process.


Sales Enablement

It is imperative that your inbound marketing delivers leads that become sales. This means that inbound and content marketing must also enable sales. This is what we do.

Inbound Marketing at Triaster...

Watch Micheal Cousins, Founder and Managing Director of Triaster Ltd explain how inbound marketing helped his company.




"Emma’s achievements in marketing at Triaster have been utterly exceptional. From a standing start of around 10 incoming leads per quarter we are now seeing a truly remarkable 10 a day."

Micheal Cousins, Founder and Managing 

Inbound and content marketing in a nutshell

The essence of inbound and content marketing is simple.

Content marketing is creating great content for the people whose problems your product or services solve. And great content means valuable content, useful content, straightforward content, trustworthy content, human content - without jargon or hype. 

The inbound bit comes in, as the people whose problems your company solves, read, watch or listen to your content and they get to know about you and your product or your service. They get to see that you really know your stuff, that you understand their problems and that you can deliver their solution. They start to trust your company and see what a great job you could do for them, so that - when they are ready - they contact your company.

So, simple indeed. But actually quite hard to do right.

Harris TPS and HubSpot

Harris TPS will ensure that your company does inbound and content marketing right. Right so that you get inbound leads. Right so that you get increased sales. 

'I am so glad we chose Harris TPS to guide our Hubspot journey, I really cannot imagine how any other company could have been more helpful or responsive.'

Emma Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, Oxford Creativity 

Right so that you too get results like these:


We have partnered with HubSpot so that we can offer you a seamless service, backed up with the right software system.