About Harris TPS 


Harris TPS was founded to ensure that content and inbound marketing delivers for the little guys.

At Harris TPS we know that done right, inbound and content marketing enables a small company who delivers a great product or service, to really compete in the marketplace. Even with much bigger companies, with much bigger marketing budgets.

The Harris TPS team implemented inbound and content marketing for Triaster Ltd as an in-house team. It was so successful, we achieved a 650% increase in leads, 109% increase in website traffic and a 263% increase in organic traffic and we enjoyed it so much, that we wanted to help other small companies to be just as successful.

Harris TPS is pleased to still be marketing and delivering success for Triaster Ltd, but also able to offer our expertise and experience to other small companies wanting to show the world what a great product or service they deliver.


Meet the Team 


Emma Harris: Managing Director


As Operations Director at Triaster Ltd, Emma spent many years with her Marketing hat on looking, generally unsuccessfully, for marketing projects with a return on investment that she was happy to sign off, when she had her Finance hat on. 
Her first eureka moment came when she read David Meerman Scott's book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR. This convinced her that inbound and content marketing is the the only way to do marketing well. The question was, how to do it? Her second eureka moment came in 2016 when she found HubSpot inbound marketing and sales software, which answered the question. HubSpot software is the way to do inbound and content marketing brilliantly.  Since then she has never looked back. Inbound and content marketing is her passion.
Emma is delighted that running Harris TPS enables her to help small companies implement inbound and content marketing. So that they get inbound leads. So that they get increased sales. All without needing a big boy's budget.


Elena Harris: Content Marketing Manager



Elena was looking for a job which would allow her to mix creativity and science when she found inbound and content marketing, and it was the perfect fit!

 Elena is huge advocate for Inbound and Content Marketing at Harris TPS.  Her particular focus is on content writing and bringing social media marketing to everyone, she particularly enjoys writing informative and engaging content for all platforms.  



Dan Macleod: Design and website development



Dan and Emma have worked together for more years than either of them care to remember. His practical approach to creating exciting designs and his website development skills, make him the perfect designer for inbound marketing. 




Paul Harris: DirectorIMG_1494

Paul Harris has over 18 years of experience working in Fire Engineering and has worked on projects such as Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster as well as new developments.