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Marketing and sales in the age of Google

How people buy has changed dramatically in recent years. Now, as soon as we have a problem, we search the internet for solutions, and we do this before we even know what we want to buy.  We research the problem and we research how we can solve it; if this involves buying a product or service, we research potential suppliers... all on the internet.
Buyers now get about 70 percent of the way through their decision making process, without ever contacting the company whose product or services they ultimately buy from - and this is why content and inbound marketing can be so successful, even for the little guys.


Inbound Marketing

"Emma has proven time and time again that she can define and surface the complex challenges that all businesses face, research the range of possible solutions, produce a plan of action and then deliver on the plan."

Micheal Cousins, Managing Director, Triaster Ltd

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Website Design

"I am so glad we chose Harris TPS to guide our HubSpot journey, I really cannot imagine how any other company could have been more helpful or responsive."

Emma Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, Oxford Creativity 


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Sales Enablement

"Our first booking for the course through the new website – all information collected and ready just to invoice and send joining instructions, perfect! "

Kate Norton, Business Manager, Oxford Creativity

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Inbound Marketing 

icon-1Do you believe everything should start with your buyers but struggle to connect with them? Inbound Marketing starts with your buyers, understanding who they are, what their problems are, how they might be looking for a solution and how your product or service could help them. 

Once you have understood your customers you can develop an inbound and content marketing programme. This may include a great social media strategy, positioning your company as a thought leader in your industry and constructing a content plan which will attract customers.  

Once your company is creating great content you can use it to collect great inbound leads. As potential customers discover your brand they will begin to trust you and eventually buy from you. 

Website Design

icon-2Do have great content but you just aren't getting the leads? It might be your website that is letting you down. Website design to support inbound marketing is key, all that great content needs to be hosted on a website which makes visitors actually want to read it and encourages visitors to convert. It is important that your website design that appeals to both your core and wider audience and that will help you increase traffic, convert your website visitors to leads, and best support your sales process.

Harris TPS have partnered with HubSpot so to ensure that your inbound and content marketing is backed up with the right software system. Harris TPS have designed a number of websites which are hosted in HubSpot so we can ensure that our website design best utilises all the HubSpot features available to you. 

The Harris TPS team also offer training and support to guide you through your HubSpot journey until you are confident using its software.

Sales Enablement

icon-3Once you have leads which have been brought in from your inbound and content marketing efforts these need to become sales. Do you find your leads don't get followed up in time? Are your sales and marketing teams working together? If your marketing efforts don't result in sales where is the value in them? Inbound and content marketing must also enable sales. Harris TPS can help you to ensure your inbound and marketing process enables sales through the content you produce, the emails you send to your leads and your website. 

By collecting relevant information on your leads you can get to know a prospect before you contact them, this means you can tailor your sales process to the buyer and their buyers journey, which in turn makes them far more likely to become a customer. 



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